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Katie O.

Zuly P.

Peter H.

Eddie Windsor

Shari S.

Seana H.

Mark J.

Kristin J.

Pamela W.

Eddie Windsor

Leif Simonson

“This place is amazing. My brother in law was badly dehydrated and wanted to call an ambulance. We found this place and tried it first. We saved $500 on a hospital trip. I tried it also because I was curious and had a hangover. I tried the saline with vitamins (I think Myers blend) and left feeling great.  I’ll be back during festival season and will def do it again. I’d like to try it when not hungover to see if there is still a boost because the difference was huge.”


“Replenish 360 was my first IV experience apart from the hospital. Besides a good cheeseburger and hair on the dog, I heard that IV therapy was a great, clean way to cure yourself of a hangover. I was in town for a wedding, had a little too much and desperately needed relief, having a lot to do the next day. I found Replenish 360 through a simple Google search. I gave them a call, came into their facility on a weekend, and they treated me with a so called “banana bag” and was given some headache medicine. An hour or two later, it was like the wedding and all the drinking never happened. If you are in the area and in need of this relief, I highly recommend giving them a call and paying a visit.”

Joey R.

“I’m convinced hiring Replenish 360 is amongst the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I called the morning of my wedding to mitigate a moderate to advanced hangover.

Deep head and neck aches, dehydration, body aches.

We were on a sustained good mezcal / mediocre beer program the night prior.

Two wonderful nurses came to me poolside whilst enjoying huevos rancheros and

having our friends trespass to the private pool of our adorable little hotel.

They told me the scoop, plugged me in, and we began the 45min road to recovery.

There was no pain. You start feeling better about 20 mins in.

The full flight takes about 4 hours to get to cruising altitude where you will find yourself 100% replenished.

The vitamin, pain reliever, and saline cocktail is delicious.

This is a steep ticket show, no doubt. But look, if you’ve got the big day / meeting / event etc… this is an investment in yourself. Very big returns.

I’m just thrilled that the nurses and service we received was all so easy, helpful, and fun.

5 stars all the way.”

Mayo M.

“This place is awesome! The staff is great and super communicative. I recommend the Meyers cocktail after a night of drinking. I came with my brother in law who wanted to call an ambulance because he was dehydrated. We found this place and saved $500. I’ll be back.”

Jayna Rissa C.

“A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!  Let me just say that I hate being poked. I’ve always been pretty squeamish when it came to needles. I was a little hesitant but have been wanting to get IV Hydration for a while to see what the hype was about. 

I called them up and let them know I was in town with my husband and a few friends who wanted to get IV therapy. They said they were able to come to us and have it done in our hotel room! So awesome. We scheduled for the next morning. The staff was so friendly and very professional. They are all certified/licensed nurses and medical professionals so they know what they’re doing. My husband and I both went with Tier 3.

We were able to get hydrated while we relaxed! It was an overall positive experience and I would definitely do it again!”

-Hailee Martinez

-Alan Cohen

-Karen O’Brien


-Summer Christian

-Valencia Ivan

-Ashley Baldi

-Jaime Harrison

-Brian Schaal

-Eddie Windsor

-Eddie Windsor

-Eddie Windsor

– Michael Iglesias

– Alicia Galeano

– Gustavo Oggo

– Tina Thompson

-Replenish 360 IV Hydration Therapy Customer


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