Ethics Policy

The Palm Desert Resuscitation Education (PDRE) Ethics Policy is dedicated to conducting all of its affairs and activities with the highest standards of ethical business conduct consistent with the American Heart Association (AHA) Ethics Policy.

As PDRE’s instructors, staff, and affiliates, we are devoted and passionate about working with all of our customers with the commitment to uphold a culture of excellence, honesty, fairness, openness, assistance, trust, respect, accountability, and integrity.

Company Code of Ethics

Palm Desert Resuscitation Education employees must understand, support and participate the following code of ethics:

  • Diligently ensure fairness with PDRE and AHA customers, employees, volunteers, suppliers, and competitors
  • Offer information that is truthful, entirely objective, appropriate, timely, and clear
  • Preserve complete confidentiality of information delegated to them by the PDRE, AHA or its customers except when otherwise legally obligated to disclose
  • Consistently endorse ethical and accountable behavior as a responsible associate among peers in the work environment
  • Be sincere and just in their conduct, including ethical handling of conflicts of interests between personal and professional relationships
  • Safeguard the proper use of company assets
  • Assume obligation for avoiding, identifying, and reporting all types of fraud
  • Conform with applicable government laws, rules and regulations

If you have any further questions regarding our Ethics Policy, please contact us.