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Why is water so critical in our fluid hydration and health?

There is no doubt that water is a critical and imperative nutrient in the health and energy of all humans and plays an integral role in our best performance and normal functioning in the midst of our daily activities of living – whatever life you are walking in irrespective of your background, origin, ethnicity, culture, and belief system. Of course, every one knows that fluid hydration is essential to our health. On one side, no one can go on without food for a couple of weeks actually. However, nobody can go on without water for even a couple of days. You can maybe extend severe thirst for a maximum of one week or so, obviously, depending on varying factors from life-threatening dehydration, hypotension and the eventual hypovolemic shock, end-organ failure and possibly even your death.

For life to happen, water is essential and a requirement.

Water is the foundation of life, literally, because all organisms and living things ascended and originated from water. Not to mention, seven-tenths of our world that we live in is also made up of water. Water is abundant and everywhere – especially in us Humans to no surprise – that helped shaped our existence and perseverance.

Rendering from the publication “Water, Hydration and Health” archived on the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health and based on the renowned book “The Fluid, Electrolyte & Acid-Base Companion” by Sarah Faubel, MD and Joel Topf, MD, life clearly occurred due to an instinctive critical adaptation to survive by the prevention of dehydration across all species on Earth, and that includes us obviously because we (ourselves) are made up of about 70 to 75% of total body water (TBW) as infants which decreases by 60% after just 6 months to a year as full-term infants; as adulthood approaches the TBW remains consistent in proportion to weight, which is why adults have approximately 50 to 60% of TBW (specifically, around 60% in men and 50-55% in women); and, lastly, the TBW declines through advancing age when the TBW is less than or equal to 55% in water for the elderly.

Calculating total body water (TBW) is inevitability when it comes to properly administering intravenous (IV) fluids and correcting certain electrolyte disorders in medicine. You can skip this section if you are not interested and refer to the next section, “What Does Water Do For You?”

Let’s straighten out the difference between the International System of Units (SI) and the United States (US) Customary Units when it comes to measuring one’s TBW. This is very easy because 1 liter (L) of water weighs about 1 kilogram (kg) of water! Based on the TBW and correlating it to the individual’s respective weight, gender, age, percent body fat, and maybe other modifiable and non-modifiable factors, it is simple to calculate anyone’s approximate TBW.

However, the lean body weight (which accounts for 50 to 60% water but let’s just say 60% water) needs to be calculated first to account for the body fat tissue weight (which are only made up of 10% water as opposed to most tissues which are made up of 70 to 85% water). Body fat, by the way, also affects TBW because it holds a tenth proportion of TBW. Lean body weight can be found using calipers if you have one but calculating the adjusted weight is another way to calculate the lean body weight.

Adjusted Weight = ideal weight + 0.4 (actual body weight – ideal weight)

  • Accurate in both thin and obese patients

Ideal Weight for females = 45 kg

  • Accurate in thin patients

Ideal Weight for males = 50 kg

  • Accurate in thin patients

For instance, a man with a lean body weight of about 70 kg but with 30 kg of fat pads will have a TBW by the following: (70 kg x 60%) + (30 kg x 10%) = 45 kg = 45 L

There you go! You just calculated the TBW for this man, now it is your turn…try to calculate your own unique and individual TBW.

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