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“Enhance, extend, and save lives through passionate and caring commitment…”

Allure’s vision, mission, values, and motto – to put “all eyes on you.”

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If you want to be employed in a dynamic work environment and become part of a stellar team of professionals who are committed to uphold a culture of excellence, honesty, fairness, openness, assistance, trust, respect, accountability, and integrity, please contact us today!

Allure is steadfast in maintaining a positive and respectful work environment that values diversity among its constituents and upholding our company code of ethics and core values, where everyone has the chance to reach their peak potential.

We are an equal opportunity employer and use a non-discriminatory policy when hiring or employing a prospective applicant.

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Employment Availability

Allure A Medically Directed Spa, Inc. (Allure)

Staff Positions Available

  • Allure Cosmetic and Facial Esthetics Registered Nurse (RN), Nurse Practitioner (NP), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), and Medical Doctor (MD)

Favored and Ideal Clinical Skills and Experience

  • A highly enthusiastic and advanced healthcare provider with preferable experience in facial esthetics and cosmetic medical care
  • Knowledge of aesthetic terminology and willingness to learn cosmetic procedures
  • Conscientious of Allure’s vision, mission, values, and motto – to put “all eyes on you” [valued guests and clients]
  • Reliable, thorough, organized, productive, constructive, responsible, empathetic, respectful, professional and patient care-oriented with brilliant and superb customer service skills, optimistic outlook and personality, and willing to make a positive difference in the Company’s work environment, team members, valued guests and clienteles, and public health/education about their improved individualized and unique facial esthetics and cosmetics medical care
  • Pass in-house training requirement and other educational opportunities from physicians and medical professionals officially trained by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE); the in-house trainings include didactics, videos, observations, hands-on, and written tests
  • Offer excellent aesthetic consultations with a client-focused concerns and questions in addition to providing the Company products and service recommendations while maintaining a high-level of client medical care
  • Able to obtain a “before” and “after” digital photos of Allure’s valued guest and clients (frontal, frontal smile, frontal frown, frontal surprise, right profile, right lateral, right lateral squint, left lateral, left lateral squint, and left profile)
  • Abe to accurately record thorough medical documentations of the Company’s valued guests and clients facial esthetic and cosmetic treatments and recommendations
  • Able to provide patient education in facial esthetic and cosmetic treatments including facial anatomy, neurophysiology, pharmacology, indications of drugs, mode of actions of medicines, treatment planning, and other relevant AAFE and Allure guidelines and recommendations
  • High-quality psychomotor skills in delivering and administering cosmetic injectable aesthetic medications
  • Concierge service to the Company’s valued guests and clients out-of-site in scheduled individual and/or group appointments to provide treatments and services
  • Able to provide Replenish 360’s one-of-a-kind intravenous (IV) and vitamin supplementation hydration and a la carte therapy
  • Team-oriented character with an ability to improve and receive constructive intervention to promote the Company’s vision, mission, and values
  • Direct and indirect supervision and mentoring under our Medical Director, especially with a nurse practitioner, registered nurse, or physician assistant
  • Assist in the development of new Company services and treatments
  • Must be available to work on weekends and upon request as needed commensurate on client needs plus on occasional promotional events for the Company
  • Hold a valid and active medical license in California as well as medical liability insurance throughout employment or independent contractor status with the Company